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Unreal Engine 4
Platform: Windows 7 & 10

Mix-a-Max is a third person action game where you play as an action figure called Max who has to power to swap out his arms and legs for different parts. Max had just been returned to a toy store due to some technical malfunctions and found it taken over by a sinister force, causing all toys to become hostile to him. He must use his powers to overcome obstacles and fight his way through to find out who is behind the takeover.


Tech Lead || Co-Designer

I was responsible for building the game in Unreal Engine 4, creating tools for artists and level designers to implement their assets and design into the game, developing artificial intelligence for enemies, implementing Animations, and ensuring features such cut scenes, triggers, and level changing functionalities work. I also helped design and implement the parts on Mix-A-Max, determining what each part does, how the player will use it, and how it would affect the world.

Max Character Design

  • Max's primary resource is his rechargeable battery, which serves as both his health and his energy when using parts . Max will recharge his battery when he is not in combat or using his parts.

  • Each part uses a different amount of energy and can only be used when Max's battery is above 25 percent of his total energy.

  • Whenever Max is damaged by the enemy he will also lose energy. And if his battery runs out Max will fall apart.

Max Character Parts

  • Punching Arms serve to push around physics objects for players to jump up on and get to hard to reach places, they can also be used to punch enemies in the face.

  • Dart Guns are electrically charged and can be used to hit far away buttons . If enemies are hit with the dart they are damaged and stunned.

  • Ammunition is unlimited but the gun will overheat if used continuously.

  • Propellers allow the player to gently glide in the air when they are falling. It can also be used to push enemies away from the player when it is used on foot.

  • Bubble Guns can fire bubbles that slow enemies down and is a very effective crowd control tool.

  • Moonboots allow the player to double jump, and reach difficult to reach places. It can be used in conjunction with the Propeller to allow the player even more vertical mobility.

Enemy AI

Ranged & Melee Grunt AI

  • If they are not in range of the player they will patrol in a radius around where they spawn.

  • Once they see the player they will stand in place and Attack them.

  • If the player moves out of sight they will go to the last known location to search for them. If the player is not found they will return to patrol.


When we first started, the team did not have any animators or riggers nor did we have any experience with implementing them into the engine.
I figured they would be good skills for me to know as a game developer so I decided to take up the task. While I am not a very good animator, I was able to work with animation students and instructed them on how to create animations for games based on what I learned.
Unreal has a very powerful animator editor and it was very easy to blend animations together to create great looking walk animations that would smoothly transition between different directions. It also used animation blue prints and can talk to the player script to play a corresponding animation whenever the player performs an action.